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There's Just Too Much That Time Cannot Erase

These Wounds Won't Seem To Heal... This Pain Is Just Too Real...

Athena Rayne

Hiiiiiii! ^_^
Welcome to my journal. You can call me Athena or Rayne, Athy or Ray... lol. You catch my drift.
Would like to warn you that my user info contains large number of graphics. May take awhile to load, depending on your connection. Please be patient. ^^ Unfortunately I don't feel like clearing it up by removing some stuff. I kinda like everything I have up. Lol. And I keep adding. Eep? Hehe.
But if you want to head straight down to the bottom of the page and you're too lazy to scroll down (lol ^^), just press 'end' on your keyboard.
Got a request? Click here to go to the Request Post. Please make sure you read all the rules.
You can check the memories for the graphics list. But please be patient! It's still a growing journal so there might not be muchos yet. ^^
All graphics I use in my journal (including icons) will be made by me - unless stated otherwise.
So please credit! ^^
And no hotlinking! Thanks. Mwah!

|| Much love ||

My colorbar: My thoughts. My likes. Me.


Muh Buddy Aru-Chan: on3half Rocks My Socks

Late 'thank yous' (sorry... *sigh*) to come for: rosesandlace, icemint, piperredfern, kaiawase, x_imnotyourstar and chilimoocorner

Would also like to say a BIIIIIIIG thank you to arelyn530. EEEE. DNANGEL ROCKS.

Image to be uploaded


Thanks to the following for caps/brushes/textures/etc:

teh_caps / cap_it / brush_fanatic / icongradients / icontemplated / 100x100_brushes

teh_indy / indilime / shewaselectric / icons_with_love / wednesday_icons / blimey_icons / igocrazy4sugar / ladybug_icons / cheesearchivex / dirtywatericons / pilot / syndarys / kurogane / gamin1432 / drave / my_shiny_things / fophead / stickywicket / ilmare / pixeth / absoluticandy / electra_torch / bluemalick

Evenstar Art / Killboy Brushes / Oritsuru / Anime Visions / Suba Furuba / Direct Manga / Charmed Lair / The Power Of Charmed / Charmed Again / Anime Galleries / We Love Anime / Simplification / The Fifth Muse / scully7491 / Anime Stocks / Too Schexay / Bleach 7



WOO! Go to _best_banners_

W00t! Thank you bornofsorrow at blinky_bars. *dances* Thank you lots!!


My little Furuba obsession:

Yuki and Kyo Are My Love Bishies

Yuki-kun Is Serene Love

Yuki-kun Is Serene Love

Kyo-kun Is Wild Love

Kyo-kun Is Wild Love

Tohru Is Innocent Love

Momiji Is Adorable Bunny Love

I'm All For Yuki and Tohru Love

I'm All For Kyo and Tohru Love

Shigure Is Quirky Love

Hatori Is Serious Love

Hatori Is Cute Kitten Love

Kyo / Tohru / Yuki Is Special Love

Sohma Family Is Love

Furuba Anime Is Love


My love for Final Fantasy. W00t. One of the BEST game series ever!!! Cannot wait for Advent Children! And Kingdom Hearts! W00t w00t! Awesome awesome game! Can't wait for Kingdom Hearts II either! Mwahaha.

Final Fantasy X-2 Is Love

Final Fantasy X Is Aeon Love

Final Fantasy X Is Love

Final Fantasy IX Is Love

Seifer / Rinoa / Squall Are Love

Final Fantasy VII Is Love

Final Fantasy Advent Children Is Love

Kingdom Hearts Is Love

Kingdom Hearts Is Love


Do not take these. If you want one, lemme know beforehand.


Do not take these. If you want one, lemme know beforehand.


The following are from failedone. Thank you sooooooooo much hun!!!!
I love em!!!! *glomp*


Some are from:
and also from:
RPG Planet - Kingdom Hearts
Square Central
FF Spirit

Anyone have an Aeris one???

He's all on his lonesome *sniff* But he's possibly my favorite!

Anyone have a Squall/Leon one of this? PLEAAAAAASE???

If anyone wants to gimme a link to more of these, I'll love you forever. Lol. Or at the very least, I'll shower you with graphics.


Eeee! FURUBA STUFF! Pixel art w00t!!! Okay anyone have more of these I'll shower you with stuff too. W00t.
Thanks to Suba Furuba for these kickass cuties!!!!

Why does Momiji not have a bunny pic? *sniff* Anyone have more?


give athena_rayne more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own


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